• Mascot Appearances

    Mascot Appearances

Hamilton R. Head & Robbie the Redbird are availabe year round to add a little fun and excitement to your public or private outings!  Jupiter Hammerheads and Palm Beach Cardinals players are also available during the season.  If you would like Hamilton or Robbie to appear at your event or party, please contact Marissa at (561) 799-3802 or m.korth@rogerdeanstadium.com 


Hamilton R. Head is the mascot for the Jupiter Hammerheads. He is a land shark that was born in 1998 and named in a contest with local schools. Hamilton R. Head (Ham-r-head for short) first swam into Roger Dean Stadium on April 8th, 1998 prior to the Hammerheads first home game. 

Hammilton R. Head

Age 16 years
Height 7'5"
Weight as heavy as a small whale
Hero Aquaman
Favorite Athlete Greg Norman
Favorite Actor Jaws
Favorite Television Show The Love Boat
Favorite Movie Finding Nemo
Favorite Song "Fins" by Jimmy Buffett
Favorite Food Cardinals, Blue Jays, and other exotic birds of Florida





Robbie the Redbird is the mascot for the Palm Beach Cardinals. He is a Cardinal that hatched in January of 2003 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was named in a contest with local schools. Robbie the Redbird first flew into Roger Dean Stadium on Friday, March 28th, 2003 prior to the Palm Beach Cardinals first game (a 1-0 exhibition loss to the St. Louis Cardinals).

Robbie the Redbird

Age 10 years
Height 7'0"
Weight as light as a feather
Hero Big Bird
Favorite Athlete Mark Fidrych
Favorite Actor Robert Redford
Favorite Televeision Show Sesame Street
Favortie Movie the Birds
Favortie Song "Fly Like An Eagle" by the Steve Miller Band
Favorite Food Sharks, Manatees, and other seas creaures of Florida


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